Glenda Fordham-Toronto: I’d like to intro you to exciting Korean-Canadian artist ZOE CHANGEUN SON (below), whose show of mythical beasts portrayed in soft sculptures as well as paintings, is now on exhibition at URBAN GALLERY, 400 Queen St East, Toronto, running until Feb 13/16.20160116_142609(0)HUMANIMAL showcases the wee creatures that are 3D portraits of the beasts in her imagination. Scary, weird, humourous and bizarre, the felt and cloth critters are displayed flying across the gallery wall and some mini beasties are on a central table – I just had to say hello (bottom picture).20160116_14492920160116_144939

20160116_14215520160116_142404Nancy from Snapd Newspaper dropped in to cover the artist’s reception and was busy snapping away (below)20160116_14203020160116_142313Zoe’s paintings show the same imaginative spirit, featuring all manner of whimsical humans with “special” powers and appearances. I was intrigued by the snowy bunny-like androgynous being below, titled “Someone’s Portrait #1″….IMG_7210…as well as “Someone’s Portrait #2″, featuring this moose/boy belowIMG_7211Also shown are a series of mandalas and imaginary beasts, painted in acrylics on canvas or wood. Aren’t these extraordinary?20160116_14201120160116_14245120160116_14245720160116_145004Humanimal also marks the final artist’s reception presided over by the fabulous Kaspara Albertsen (below, right) who has assisted with gallery hospitality since its opening and has acted as the weddings & events consultant with the adjoining UrbanSource Catering company. Kaspara leaves next week to pursue her career with a film catering company in Toronto.  Good luck, sweetie!20160116_142821The rest of the gallery staff and management were in attendance and joined Zoe for photo opps, below. L-R: Calvin Hambrook (gallery director), Kaspara, Zoe & Allen Sugar (curator)20160116_142946I encourage you all to go see where the wild things are over the next 4 weeks…check out the gallery’s website for hours and directions:  www.urbangallery.ca



Republished with permission from the author, Glenda Fordham.


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